Journal of Chemical Metrology

Year: 2009  Volume: 3  Issue: 1




Determination and validation of valsartan and its degradation products by isocratic HPLC

ABhatia M. Sudesh and Kokil S. Uttamrao

J. Chem. Metrl. (2009), 3:1 ; 1-12

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India (416013

Abstract: Valsartan was subjected to different ICH prescribed stress studies. The stability-indicating assays were established by using isocratic RP-HPLC separation C18 column (250 mm length×4.6 mm internal diameter and 5 µm particle size) for both major degradants of valsartan by acid hydrolysis and by oxidation. The mobile phase comprising of methanol:water (70:30v/v, pH 7.2) was used in acid hydrolysis stability-indicating assay and the mobile phase comprising of methanol:water (60:40v/v, pH 7.2) was used in oxidation stability-indicating assay of valsartan. The flow rate was adjusted to 1.2 ml/min and detection was performed at 250 nm using a UV detector in both assays. The pure impurities were characterized by spectral studies. The degradants appeared at relative retention time (RRT) of 0.40 min and 0.27 min for acid hydrolysis and oxidation of valsartan, respectively. The validation studies established a linear response of the drug and satisfactory results for precision and recovery studies without interference with detection of valsartan. The LC-MS studies show m/zvalues of the peaks as 307.40 and 335.41. The pure impurities were isolated by appropriate route at laboratory scale. Prior to spectroscopic characterization of impurities, they were separated and purified using pH partitioning and/or extraction recrystalization and/or chromatographic techniques. A simple, precise, and accurate isocratic reversed-phase stability-indicating high performance liquid chromatographic assay method was developed and validated for determination of valsartan. Also identification of degradants was carried out and probable structures were confirmed.

Key words: Degradation; degradant; HPLC; stability-indicating assay; LC-MS; Valsartan