Records of Natural Products

Year: 2018 Volume: 12   Issue: 4




Wound Healing Effect of Flavonoid Glycosides from Afgekia mahidolae B.L.Burtt & Chermsir. Leaves

Chalermlat Suktap, Hyeong Kyu Lee , Surattana Amnuaypol , Rutt Suttisri and Suchada Sukrong

 Department of Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Natural Medicines Research Center, Bio-Therapeutics Research Institute, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), 30 Yeongudanji-ro, Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gun chungcheongbuk-do 363-883, Republic of Korea

Abstract: Five known flavonoid glycosides namely, juglanin (1), astragalin (2), nicotiflorin (3), isoquercetin (4) and apigenin-7-O- b -glucuronide (5), and a phenolic glucoside, arbutin (6), were isolated for the first time from the leaves of Afgekia mahidolae (Fabaceae). Their structures were elucidated using one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopic methods and comparison with the literature. The ability of 1-4 to promote the migration of CCD-1064sk fibroblasts into a scratch-wound area was evaluated. The results indicated that juglanin (1) and nicotiflorin (3) significantly increased the migration of these cells and, hence, supporting the wound healing effect of flavonol glycosides.

Keywords: Afgekia mahidolae ; fibroblasts; flavonoid glycosides; scratch-wound healing. © 2018 ACG Publications. All rights reserved.