Records of Natural Products

Year: 2018 Volume: 12   Issue: 6




Cytotoxic Sesterterpenoids from Bornean Sponge Spongia sp.

Chin-Soon Phan, Takashi Kamada, Toshiyuki Hamada and Charles S. Vairappan

 Laboratory of Natural Products Chemistry, Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Laboratory of Natural Products Chemistry, Department of Materials and Life Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, 2200-2 Toyosawa, Fukuroi, Shizuoka 437-8555, Japan

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University, 1-21-35 Korimoto, Kagoshima 890-0065, Japan

Abstract: Four scalarane sesterterpenoids, scalarolide acetate (1), scalarolide (2), 12-O-deacetyl-12-epi-19-O-methylscalarin (3) and methyl 18-hydroxy-19-norscalar-16-en-20-carboxylate (4) were isolated from the Bornean sponge Spongia sp. The distinction between 12 a -OAc and 12 b -OAc, and 19-olide and 20-olide in sesterterpenes were revealed as well as previously not assigned relative configuration at 18-OH of 4 is reported herein for the first time. In addition, compounds 1-3 showed strong cytotoxic activities against adult T-cell leukemia (ATL), S1T cells. This is the first record of scalarane sesterterpenes from the Bornean sponge.

Keywords: Borneo; sponge; sesterterpenes; adult T-cell leukemia; S1T.© 2018 ACG Publications. All rights reserved.