ACG PUBLICATIONS was founded in 2007 by Professor Ahmet Ceyhan Gören, a chemist from the TUBITAK UME, Gebze Türkiye. He is currently full professor at Gebze Technical University (GTU) in Gebze, Türkiye.

His idea was to launch a new publication portal against the biggest publication cartels worldwide. His goal is to make it possible for scientists to access their own knowledge, produced by their own efforts and financial sources, through their colleges and institutions free of charge. This was the greatest desire of Professor Katritzky, who is the pioneer of OPEN ACCESS publishing as well. Professor Goren was strongly affected by the opinion of Professor Katritzky

After several years' publications ACG PUBLICATIONS continued its life with a new company which is ACG Yayıncılık Basın Yayın San. Tic. Ltd. Sti in the year of 2017 in Gebze, Kocaeli, Türkiye.

While Records of Natural Products, Journal of Chemical Metrology started their publication life in 2007, Organic Communications was started in 2008. Followed by the other journals Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Reports, Records of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Magnetic Resonance in Clinical Chemistry and Medicine.

Currently, CEO of the ACG PUBLICATIONS is Namık Kemal Fersal who is responsible for the administrative and financial issues of the company. On the other hand Professor Ahmet Ceyhan Gören is also currently responsible for publication policy and communications with the editors of the journals.

We have strict rules for the ethical issues for publishing, thus International Publication Ethic Committee of ACG PUBLICATIONS (PECAP) was established in 2007. Currently President of the PECAP is Prof. Dr. Hasan Seçen from Atatürk University, Türkiye