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Review Article

Mitigating Fluoride, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium Toxicities in Laboratory Animals and Ruminants through Natural Products

Rec. Agr. Food. Chem. (2022) in press ; 1 - 17
by Abdellatif Rahim , Fatma Aydoğmuş-Öztürk , Cansel Çakir , Abdelkhalid Essamadi and Bouchra El Amiri

Environmental pollutants are considered a serious health problem for humans and animals mainly ruminants in several regions of the world. Previously, many studies have investigated the mechanisms of toxicity of these pollutants on laboratory animals. Afterward, other studies have demonstrated that exposure to environmental pollutants may cause several adverse effects on the ruminant organs, influencing its performance and leading to socio-economic problems for breeders. Fluoride, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are the most common poisonings in ruminants, they can cause several irreversible toxic effects in many organs depending on the mode of action. The adverse effects of fluoride, lead, arsenic, and cadmium toxicities in laboratory animals and ruminants have been clearly summarized in this review. In addition, several results on protective or ameliorative effects by means of natural products against these toxicities in laboratory animals and ruminants have been illustrated.

environmental poisonings laboratory animals ruminants toxicity mitigation natural products
Available online: June 02, 2022
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