Records of Natural Products

A scientific open access journal in the field of natural products.

Article Processing Charge (APC)

All articles in Records of Natural Products (ISSN 1307-6167) are published in full open access.� Authors are asked to pay an article processing charge (APC) of per processed paper given below.

Publication fees for the different kind of articles are given below.

Article Type

Number of Pages

Publication fee

Review Article


450 USD

Book Reviews


100 USD

Original Articles


450 USD

Short Reports


380 USD

*% VAT and bank comission should be applied to payments.

**No submission fee applied by ACG Publicaitons journal. APC  is only applicable for the accepted articles.

Wihtdrawal of a Manuscript : If you intend to withdraw your manuscript after it has been peer reviewed, or after it has been typeset, but not yet published, you will be asked to pay according to the following:

For peer review: 100 USD per article
For peer review and typesetting: 200 USD per article

Considering the primary aim of RNP, waivers are available for the authors who are from Turkey and the least developed countries, respectively. To apply to those option, corresponding author and 80 % of the authors of the concerning manuscript must be from those countries and the study must be conducted in the least developed countries. To apply this option authors from Turkey, all authors of manuscript should be from Turkey and annual quota* should be available. Please visit the page concerning the list of these countries; . If you have any difficulties about this issue please contact with the editorial office. APC only available for accepted articles in ACG Journals and no fee required during the submission of manuscript.

*Annual publication quota for the articles having addresses in Turkey is 10% of the published articles in that year for APC free option and an author can apply it at once in a year.The journal management may select the most appropiate ones if they are more than 10 %.