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Frequently Asked Questions

Average evaluation period of each submitted  articles to ACG journals takes 30 to 45 days after submission. Depends on the responses of authors the final decision time can take longer than this period.

The accepted articles are generally available within 5-10 days depends on the proof process whish directly belongs to responses of authors in Articles in Press Section with their doi numbers.

Some journals of ACG Publications applies Article Processing Charge. Please visit the instruction for authors page of each journals to get this information.

ACG Publications has international journals have been serving as an open access since 2007 to our valuable scientists. As a first open access journal in the field of natural products chemistry in the world, ACG Publication journals have been able to continue their publications through self-financing. However, considering the number of articles submitted to our journals and the number of articles published accordingly, the possibility of making a fast and sustainable publication is seriously compromised. ACG Publications does not have any publishing income other than the sponsors, and has made it its goal to present the publications only for the benefit of the scientific community. On the other hand, it has been seriously difficult to continue without enough income. Thus, Records of Natural Products has to charge the accepted manuscripts with a little publication fee, compared with the other online scientific journals. It should be noticed that ACG is not a profit-making establishment. Its goal is to make it possible for scientists to access to their own knowledge, produced by their own efforts and financial sources, through their colleges and institutions free of charge. This was the greatest desire of Professor Katritzky as a pioneer of OPEN ACCESS publishing. In this respect, we would like to express our expectation to the authors to be supportive of this decision, so that our scientific publications can be sustained at reasonable prices. The new system will start at the begining of year of 2018. We believe that you will save ACG PUBLICATIONS  journals from impact factor of big publication cartels by publishing your studies in them. Please notice that “These are your journals and support yourself”.