Records of Natural Products

Year: 2007 Volume: 1 Issue:4 November-December

Original Article

1) Diterpenoids from Sideritis tmolea P. H. Davis

Rec. Nat. Prod. (2007) 1:4 ; 44 - 50
by Sema Çarıkçı, Çiğdem Çöl, Turgut Kılıç, Akın Azizoğlu

Four known ent-kaurene diterpenoids 1-4 were isolated from the acetone extract of Sideritis tmolea P. H. Davis by using different chromatographic methods . The structures of the isolated compounds were determined as siderol (ent-7α-acetoxy-18-hydroxy-kaur-15-ene) (1), 7-acetoxysideroxol (ent-7 a -acetoxy-18-hydroxy-15 b ,16 b -epoxykaurane) (2)ent-7α,15β,18-trihydroxykaur-16-ene (3) and ent-7α-acetoxy-15β,18-dihydroxykaur-16-ene (4) by using IR, NMR ( 1H, 13C, APT and DEPT) techniques and mass spectroscopy. The antimicrobial and antituberculous activities of the acetone and methanol extracts and compound 1 have been reported.

Lamiaceae Sideritis tmolea Kaurene Diterpenoids Antimicrobial activity
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